Forte dei Marmi – Versilia Italia (English)


Forte dei Marmi is a renowned locality of Versilia in the province of Lucca, with its beautiful sandy beaches, comfortable parasols and gazebos well organized and well spaced one from each other, giving relax and privacy. Its location between mountains and the sea, and his worldly life make it a popular place with lots of tourists all over the world. It is also notoriously attended by celebrities and vip people. 

The name Forte dei Marmi derives from the Fort built by the Duke Pietro Leopoldo mainly to defend the trade of marble from the Apuan Alps that are located just behind the city.  

Forte dei Marmi is situated in the northern part of the province of Lucca and is bordered by the Massa Carrara nearby. The city has an old town well known for its luxury shops that follow one another along the main pedestrian street, always very popular and intensely attended after the beach from Italian and foreign tourists. 

The narrow streets that wind around the center, are characterized by low delicious houses and wonderful residential villas with private gardens, all well kept and furnished. There are also many hotels and everyone always crowded during the summer months. 

The lifestyle is calm and unhurried and many people go by bike.  
This helps to give an air of even more quiet without the noise of car engines, admirably replaced by those more sweet, melodic and less polluting of the bicycles. Go around the city is very pleasant and relaxing.















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